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What is Redeeming Our Vision


Redeeming Our Vision is a 12-part video series that takes you on a transformative journey to explore the roots of our pornified culture & how we can break the power of pornified images forever.


Come experience the beauty, love & intimacy

for which you've been seeking.


Redeeming Our Vision Episodes


Episode 1: The Septic Tank

Episode 2: What the Septic Tank is Doing to Us All

Episode 3: The Brain Science of Pornography

Episode 4: The Undefining of Our World

Episode 5: Recovering the Meaning of Life: Man in the Beginning

Episode 6: Recovering the Meaning of Life: Going Blind

Episode 7: Recovering the Meaning of Life: The Redemption of Our Desires

Episode 8: Getting to the Root

Episode 9: Challenging the Way we View the Body

Episode 10: Plunging into Beauty

Episode 11: Setting our Vision Free

Episode 12: How to End the Porn Epidemic


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Understand the problem

Discover why porn is public enemy #1 for mental-health and is affecting all of us, even those who don't use pornography,

Discover the meaning

of your life 

Encounter God's glorious plan for your life & sexuality, something far more satisfying than whatever the world has to offer.

Get a solid game plan 

Learn a simple game plan that will help you attain genuine happiness, which our pornified culture cannot give you.

Check out what people are saying

"Steve Pokorny's message & his compelling, genuine & charismatic delivery is absolutely urgent & essential for our times."

- Fr. Thomas J. Loya, STB, MA,

Tabor Life Institute

"Steve Pokorny is all heart, and speaks right to the heart of others with Truth that liberates."

- Christopher West,

President, Theology of the Body Institute

"Redeeming Our Vision considers head-on the whole question of how to end the porn epidemic and insists that its hold on society will loosen and come to an end only when people begin taking seriously their own inner healing. I highly recommend this series for those afflicted by the scourge of pornography and anyone who wishes to gain a deeper appreciation on the way it has influenced every aspect of daily life."

- Dennis Billy

"Steve's Dynamic application of Theology of the Body addresses the deepest longings of our hearts, pointing the way to authentic love." 

-Sam Guzman,

The Catholic Gentleman

"[Steve Pokorny's] ability to present the most complex & profound teachings of the Catholic Church into a language everyone can understand is a gift." 

-Brandon Duncan, 

Host, The Furrow

Redeeming our Vision


Be set free.

End the power of the pornified culture in your life.

Build a culture of beauty.